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the 101 on Keratin Treatments

With humidity upon us, it’s that time of the year again for Keratin treatments. Anyone who is cursed with naturally frizzy hair can sense it in the air that they should back off from the blowdryer because what’s the use if by the time they walk out the door nature takes over and you’re doomed for the whole day. Through time we have come to bare the dreadful summers and figure that the messy bun is going to be your trademark style “for-ev-eeerrr”(Sandlot shout-out).

BUT BEHOLD, there’s an ANSWER, 2 words – Keratin Treatment. An in salon treatment that smooths out the texture of your hair, allowing you to be at ease whenever you step out on a sticky humid day. I always get asked questions on what I use at the salon, which is from the brand Keratin Complex, the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Here is the 101 on what you need to know before getting a Keratin Treatment.

keratin treatments

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Welcome to the 21st century! If you have never heard of a Keratin Treatment, than I’d like to know how it is living under a rock. Most popular for women who have curly frizzy hair, this miracle product has helped tamed down the fuzz as well as shorten drying time. A treatment that is not permanent but it will keep the smooth texture for at most 6 months with proper care while using sulfate free shampoos.

Again, unlike Relaxers that are permanent and highly damaging for the hair, Keratin is a natural protein found in the hair. Treatment fills in the potholes of deeply damaged Keratin deprived hair, due to environmental, physical, and chemical harm, changing it’s texture by sealing it from humidity, creating a barrier and a healthy appearance. Floridians here are all in the scene for straighter, shinier, healthy hair.

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Process of a Keratin

  • After consultation of knowing that this is the right treatment for my client, I’ll first clarify their hair a couple times with a heavy duty shampoo to make sure there is no dirty residue on the cuticles as well as opening it up to soak in the protein.
    • Before any chemical service I stress to clients that it would be best if they haven’t scratched or itched their head prior to service. This prevents from sensitive areas being exposed when applying the solution.
  • After the wash I’ll take them back to my chair to blow-dry to expose the cuticle more.
  • After the hair is completely dry, I’ll then apply the treatment like a color process, then wrap it up in a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Then blown-out again with the treatment in the hair.
  • Now it’s time for straightening, the longest part of the treatment. With the iron temperature reaching up to 430 degrees,  I then take small 1/4″ sections  from the nape of the neck working my way to the top towards the hairline. Within each section depending on the hair’s capacity , up to 5-10 passes.
    • At this point you’ll definitely feel the heat as well as a strong scent, and your eyes may be sensitive to the vapor exposed from sealing in the keratin with the straightener.
  • This process takes about 3 hours. Again this is based on my usual clients who have thick hair, as long as mid back, and also using the Original Keratin Treatment from Keratin Complex. Starting at $250, can range $25 for every ounce extra that is necessary for the length of the hair.
    • If you are curious on price, the best way I’d say is to schedule in a consultation prior to the treatment before you get sticker shocked.
  • Results lasting for up to 5 months

Keratin Treatment Aftercare

  • IMPORTANT! Right after a treatment you can not get your hair wet. According to the Keratin Complex website “this means no shampooing, no swimming, no playing in a get the picture.” You have a 72 hour “dry period,” before you can go to your normal hair routine.
    • If you get caught in an unfortunate rain storm for instance and get wet, dry your hair as fast as possible and if necessary with a low heat flat iron.
  • Avoid from pinning your hair and be mindful of your sunglasses during the 72 hour dry period. If not than your hair will be threatened by indents within your hair.
  • Be aware that for any treated hair chlorine, sulfates, and ocean water, is very harmful to the keratin, by doing so will maintain the integrity of the Keratin and will help from stripping it off your head.

Keratin Complex Treatment

Within our salon we support the brand Keratin Complex, specifically for their smoothing line, their “Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment.” I’ve had nothing but good rapport with all my clients who I’ve used it on, many of them who’ve complained about unmanageable hair have grown to love their relaxed smooth Keratin hair. Their treatments are known to decrease the texture of your hair by 4 curl patterns. In a Glamour blog called “How to Figure Out your Curly Hair Type and Why it Actually Helps,” it focuses on determining what your curly hair texture is, which helps give a realistic look on identifying where your Keratin will land you, because again this is a Smoothing hair system, not a straightening relaxer.

Here is Glamour’s curl chart:

curl chart


People ask all the time how safe it is for Keratins with Formaldehyde. Now back in the day yes, it was a problem because the vapor from straightening was a hazard to everyone in the salon, breathing wise and soon to be mothers. The Keratin Complex our salon use, does have a certain minimal amount of formaldehyde in it, but it’s purpose is to extend the shelf life of the product. There’s a stigma that Formaldehyde is also connected to products that could cause cancer, but Formaldehyde is in almost everything, such as toothpaste, paper towels, and even lipstick. (as you apply that Lip Kit, but “that’s none of my business though.”) Within certain amounts of the chemical in products can increase the susceptibility of the danger.

keratin complex

To sum this all up…

I choose Keratin Treatments any day compared to Relaxers. They are safe, easy to manage, and you will fall in love with this miracle product. If you’ve tried both please message below on what your pros and cons are between Keratins and Relaxers;)

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