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Have you ever went shopping, walking aimlessly up and down the aisles of the store, searching for the best planner and you come out either empty handed or the planners out there only have bits and pieces you actually like. If only you could take those pieces and melt them together. A constant struggle of what I used to have every time school shopping was within this season. Until now…


Searching forums, blogs, Pinterest, top 10 lists, I finally found the best planner anyone will ever need, and that’s the Passion Planner. Created for like minded people who are driven to complete goals, this perfect organizer, literally organizes your whole entire life. Read on to find out the specs on why this planner is so perfect.

best planner

Hi my name is the Passion Planner

Created by Angelia Trinidad, in 2013 she struggled with what every student was worried about, and thats life post grad. The anxiety of what comes next after years of school, stepping away from the comfort zone of this routine you’ve perfectly set up from years of schooling to the “real world.” Applying her overachieving characteristics from school towards a business that will help other people have a system to know where their life is headed, creates a map, for anyone scared of the future at least visually can work on goals to achieve their dreams.

For three years I’ve been using this planner because it really works for me. I actually just bought another one to add to my collection. I know I’m not a post grad student, just a busy hairstylist who needs to organize life and business to maintain sanity. I’ve planned multiple international trips, buying a home, and getting married, all by using it exactly to a T.

best planner

How to use your Passion Planner:

  • First things First create your “Passion Roadmap”
    • A couple pages in you’ll find the Roadmap, you take 5 minutes to jot down everything you’d like to accomplish. It’s a personal wish list that can be as realistic or bizarre as you want.
    • Since I’m a neat freak I like to jot down on a piece of paper first to organize my thoughts, then transfer over to the bubble map.
    • You can put down career goals, future family life, where you’d like to travel, financial freedom, etc.
  • Here’s the “Gamechanger”
    • To use this organizer to the best of it’s abilities, now that you have your Passion Roadmap you can plan out specific things you want to achieve from it by scheduling it out in smaller bubble maps called a “Gamechanger.”
    • For instance, planning your monthly page, flip back to your Roadmap and work with what time frame you want it done by.
    • The idea is to break down big goals into small goals to get to the BIG GOALS.
    • I work better using specific dates and deadlines so I usually just write it out on the day and specific time frame on the weekly page.
  • Master the Art of Colorful Writing
    • I’m a very visual person and what helps me is to take these colors I use from various writing utensils to create a key. Whether it’s icons or certain colors I use, each thing signifies a certain action. Here are some of the tools I use for my key.
      •  Highlighters – draws attention to an important need or, a personal appointment. I like using this for the weekly section.
      • Crayola Markers – dating bills, holidays, birthdays, any certain special occasions, I use these markers that are thin enough and yet still bold in texture, on my monthly page.
      • Profile Pens – for side notes, game changers, these easy guidable pens pulls through for me on cursive penmanship.
      • Papermate Flair M – within the weekly section on specific times, I use this to mark what I’m doing within those time slots.
      • Crayola Pencils – I color the area of time that needs to be blocked out, so that it’s known that I need to specify my time and energy on that one piece. This creates a time frame on priorities.
  • Stick it to Me
    • Stickers are fun to dress up the page. Stupid cats meowing or lil’ kawaii sushi dancing around, draws attention to your eye on what needs to be done, or just looking at cute stuff makes you happy, than so be it.
  • Washi Tape
    • I use this for dividers or borders. It creates a space for lists, tallying, grids, etc. Whatever you feel that is urgent that needs to get done within your priority list.

best plannerbest planner

Extra! Extra! Write all about it!

Here’s some more key features that I love about this planner.

  • “Monthly Reflection”
    • After each month, like a journal, you just take what’s happened and really contemplate what you’ve accomplished or haven’t, and what you could do better.
    • Sometimes you get distraught after you’re so involved buying a new planner making ti pretty then nothing gets done. I love this part because it shows how you can wipe off that bad energy and really go into the next month with a clean slate.
  • “Side Projects”
    • Located on the left hand side of the weekly page, there’s a grid that has a list for your Personal Projects and Work Projects. I like using it to divide the areas of my life that need balance. Again coming from my Passion Roadmap, I get to work on projects such as making time for family, praying, blog marketing, and so on.
    • Within the week dates post the project you’d like it to be accomplished by.
  • Grids & Blank Paper
    • In the back you can use it like a bullet journal and write down Bucket Lists, Work Out Plans, Movies to Watch, and so on. Endless amount of space for you to use for the whole year.

best planner

Planning Your Dreams

I ordered the “Sunrise Gold” 8.5″x 11″ Academic Planner ’17 – ’18 costs $35

If you can’t tell from the pictures, it has a beautiful shimmery outside soft cover, with a detailed embossed pendant in front. They all come with a green bookmark that my cats go crazy after.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this planner. For someone who is super goal driven and needs help balancing their life, I highly recommend the Passion Planner. I honestly believe that this is the best planner you’ll ever need!

best planner

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The mist of salt water in the air, boats in the harbor, and barnacles up the sea wall, sounds like a pirates life for me. Playing pretend of course never ended for this 29 year old gal, obviously. Earlier this month Gary and I took the challenge to meet up with his friends over at Ponce Inlet for my first time going fishing at the Jetties. I had so much fun and am willing to share what you need to know about Jetty fishing at Ponce Inlet.

“There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.” -Steven Wright

jetty fishing at ponce inlet

The Special Spot

I have special memories in my heart of my father bringing my brother and I fishing off the ocean docks. Putting these massive poles at the time in the water, we knew nothing except the minor pointers of bait it, drop it, and reel them in. It seems like yesterday, but now it’s been ages since fishing at the pier. For a couple years, since owning our boat we’ve now and then have tried freshwater fishing over at Lake Eustis, but either we would all come out dry or it wasn’t worth keeping the fish because freshwater fishing just wasn’t trustworthy on how tastey or healthy the fish would be. Other than the Jetty’s we’ve gone a couple times crabbing late at night, and that was really fun, it’s just dangerous not having great eye sight. Also, the insects at night are horrible.

Gary’s coworker, a wise old asian dude with mystical powers of always reeling in fish, knew a spot that he’s shared with plenty of other coworkers who have gone with him, that have caught MASSIVE fish, supposedly really tastey ones as well. These guys also promised Gary that he would be another veteran reeling in the “big one,” and adding to the collection of fish stories.

Of course, Gary needs his partner in crime, so here I go on this adventure to this spot everyone’s talking about.

jetty fishing at ponce inlet

jetty fishing at ponce inlet

Lighthouse Point Park

 5000 S. Atlantic Ave.,  Ponce Inlet


Lighthouse Point Park

Equipped with what we thought we knew we needed, we headed out early in the morning toward Daytona Beach. Directions led us to Lighthouse Point Park, a great recreational 52-acre park, where if you don’t like fishing you could either walk the trails, hide from the sun at their pavilions, or hit the beach, then come back to base camp to shower or for bathroom breaks.  There is a $10 fee for each vehicle at the park, or you can buy an annual pass that’s $20, which is well worth it.

From the parking lot there’s a small trek to head out to the end of the pier where beyond the concrete is rocks extending to the Jetty farther out into the ocean. Sharp slippery rocks, off  balance from carrying a pole in hand and a backpack full of nasty prickly crabs, risk of waves pushing me off for me to be swept away forever – is this worth it!?

Danger should be my middle name, or stupid because this was pretty difficult climbing these rocks. Most of the guys could balance themselves and slowly step across, but for me, trying to keep up was hard. I was scared, I didn’t like how wet the rocks were, and frankly, I’m a delicate creature who needs to be attended to. Before walking out on the rocks, Gary’s coworker, which by now you might envision an old asian man with a Fu Manchu, gave us a tip to wear old socks over our water shoes, which was a brilliant idea for they became great grips for the rocks. Not the best, but better than what we had. My tip is to step on top of the barnacles because that gave me a little more resistance to the slip.

I finally met the guys midway along how far the rocks go. I was thankful that they stopped because I was  nervous when I spotted fishermen at the very tip of the jetties. We unpacked on top of these sturdy flat top slabs of rock where we gathered our bait, backpacks, and other fishing essentials.

jetty fishing at ponce inlet

jetty fishing at ponce inlet

One Fish, Two Fish, What Fish

Looking across the harbor watching  boats go by, families waving at us atop our spots, waves crashing through the  caverns underneath us ,while little crabs walk by catching anything that washed ashore, was pure bliss.  Pictures of the lighthouse reminded me of Wuthering Heights, a hopeless romantic book that I only wish my Heathcliff, Gary, could feel within ripping our crab bait in half alive among the stench of guts in the air. Yes, a romantic date at the beach for us indeed.

BUT to the point of why we risked being out there. Underneath these treacherous waves, of at the time, 2 foot swells, you can catch Tarpon, Spotted Seat Trout, Snook, and Red “Drum” Fish, among other sea creatures. Prior to heading out to cast, make sure you register a Saltwater Fishing License, I bought mine for $17.50 at Walmart.  Another great tip would be to find out Florida laws on what season to catch certain fish, and what size the fish should be to take home. Click the link below for more details on that, the link will bring you to the official Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission site.

Saltwater Fishing Regulations

King of the Rock

After countless of tries for myself at the Jetty’s, I’ve given up hope that I myself will one day be a pegged legged old sea hag telling tales of great Red Drum giving me that good fight that caused me to lose my one true love Gary, to be left with my obnoxious shoulder perched  parrot “Gary,” that I’ve named him after. That day, and another day I did not catch anything, just a few bites every now and then. Although my husband and his brother have been there a few times now and have caught a good size of Red Fish. Too large though to take home, they could try, but that $500 fine really isn’t worth it. Their pride though is restored and I believe I could be that true bad luck out there. Old Fu Manchu, the wise man of the Jetty’s at Ponce Inlet, still remains King of the Rock as you will see him there from ashore catching one fish after the other, and still lives to tell the tale.

For your Trip to the Jetty’s at Ponce Inlet

Here’s a list of What to Bring:


For some good Florida fishing places, message me below.

jetty fishing at ponce inlet


client: “I’m thinking about doing Biolage.”

Me: “You mean Bal-a-yage?”

A constant dialogue performed by clients and I discussing their sudden change to try the “IN” trend, Balayage.  Balayage comes from the French word, sweep or to paint. In the salon Balayage is a hair technique that is done by visually painting the hair with what is usually done with lightener to give natural sun kissed locks. Popular on celebs such as Khloe Kardashian, it has become so mainstream that basic highlights have mostly become extinct. For my clients who are curious, here’s a blog that show 4 Signs you Might want Balayage.

4 signs you want balayage

4 Signs you Might want a Balayage

  • #1 Never have done Color

It’s amazing when I get virgins in the salon, and I don’t mean “Virgin Mary,” just women/men who have never done any chemical processes to their hair. For someone who just wants a taste of the good life, I like to balayage a few pieces around their face. A partial balayage can really frame your face well, like bangs, which highlight the best features. Usually, that’s enough to keep people coming in wanting more.

  • #2 All Natural is Back

Or at least what we’d like people to think is Natural. The affect of balayage, depending on the person’s base color and how light they’d like to go can really set the hair to where the hair almost looks sundipped. For a trained professional hairstylist, they can visually strategically take strands of hair to lighten enough to how our hair would like when we were just kids playing outside all summer. Just a subtle change can really make a difference.

4 signs you want balayage

4 signs you want balayage

  • #3 No to Highlights

With Balayage in high demand , highlights are becoming extinct. Now I usually get clients who want to get lighter by leaving the root and constantly come in every other month to touch up their Balayage. Sometimes I’ll have clients who come in with highlights who want a change. I’ll take their base down and then run some balayage within the transition line so that it nicely feathers and melts down. It’s definitely a relief from coming in every 4-6 weeks for a highlight.

  • #4 TIME

Which leads me to time! Yes, it’s more expensive and takes me at least 3 hours for a lil longer than shoulder length hair to do but it’s worth it for sure. On average for a heavy hand painting session I charge $250, of course depending on length, compared to clients who on average with a blow-dry, my highlight clients leave paying $125 and that’s every 4-6 weeks when it starts growing out. My balayage clients come in every 4 months for a partial balayage, sometimes even 6 months, that’s with use of proper hair care products. It’s almost wanting me to believe I should stop doing great balayages that last so long. I mean, it’s perfect for Mom’s who can make that personal trip for themselves in the salon and treat their self for a couple hours before the mayhem until I see them the next season. If you’re that someone who can’t make it to the salon every now and then this would be the hair service for you.

All Signs point to YES

If you’ve checked off  pretty much everything on this blog than you should really just convince yourself to come on in and try it out. In our salon we use the color brand Wella, within that line for lightening the hair is a product called “Freelights.” What clients refer as “bleach,” this technology of Freelights applied to the hair creates a cocoon that makes a hard shell on the outside keeping it still moist inside to help create  a clay like service to lay hair down without using foils. With a nonaggressive formula, the lightener works inside to lift the hair to whatever specific color the stylist helps formulate for you.

4 signs you want balayage


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